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About Us

THEATRE 180, with a mandate of GREAT STORIES, WELL TOLD, produces works which are exciting, moving, innovative and entertaining. THEATRE 180 draws its name from the stories of our lives across a 180-degree perspective, from our buoyant youth to the wisdom of age. Proudly Western Australian, OUR TEAM strives to present a range of stories through award-winning plays from Australia, the UK, Europe and America, together with new plays from WA playwrights.

Our Agelink pillar has been working in the oral and recorded history space for the last 28 years, collecting stories from seniors and presenting them as theatre. From small-scale, bespoke works commissioned by local councils and played in libraries and community centres to large-scale works in theatres, here in Australia and in the UK, we have produced well over 70 works – many of which have been world premieres of new West Australian writing.

Alongside our AGELINK pillar we also produce MAINSTAGE works in a variety of venues, and offer EDUCATION programs which run across every aspect of what we do.

With innovations like presenting live theatre in cinemas through our ground-breaking production of A.B. Facey’s A Fortunate Life and Sydney II: Lost and Found, we are proud to continue finding new ways to engage with audiences near and far, and share the stories that make us WHO WE ARE.


Sam & Leanne Walsh                                     Susan Fleming

Heather Zampatti                                           Janet Holmes a Court AC

Wendy Court                                                    Beverley Shelbourne

Stephen Ford & Shiva Amir Ansari               Jenny Davis

Chris & Liz Greenwood                                  Peter Kift

Clare Watson                                                   Fred Sim

Michelle Fowler                                               Julie Hobbs

Robin & Sally Tunnicliffe


When theatre provokes behavioural change or action in response to social issues, our artistic influence goes well beyond the audience and out into the wider community. Storytellers are agents for change, agents for enlightenment and an integral part of the fabric in a multicultural tapestry.

We have to think of the arts as operating with a social conscience that feeds not just into education, tourism, entertainment and other economic drivers, but is also considered the vital thread in the fabric of our society – because without the arts, we unravel. 

I believe passionately in the power of culture and the arts to transform, educate and enlighten. The creative industries are the best way we can hope to encourage and promote an understanding of the cultural differences and similarities of our fellow human beings, to elicit empathy, acceptance and celebration of others in our community. I believe our work in theatre is the key to moving forward on reconciliation; to understand the stories of our history in order to write those of our future.

Join us as we present GREAT STORIES, WELL TOLD.

Theatre 180

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For 27 years THEATRE 180 has been the national leader in bespoke plays based on oral and recorded histories, mainly through interviews and reminiscence workshops with seniors.

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THEATRE 180 seeks out the best of writing from Australia and around the world to present for audiences in our hometown Perth, and on tour around regional WA, interstate and internationally.

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Arts and Culture play a vital role in the fabric of a functioning, healthy, robust and enlightened society – THEATRE 180 is committed to both presenting works for and about, and creating educational opportunities for young people and students.

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As an independent, not-for-profit theatre company, we welcome any form of support, be it as a Patron, Philanthropic Donor or Corporate Sponsor. Donations of $2.00 or more are tax-deductible.

The THEATRE 180 Public Fund (ABN: 33 042 434 145) is a tax deductible fund listed on the Australian Government’s Register of Cultural Organisations maintained under Subdivision 30-F of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.


THEATRE 180 Public Fund

Chair: Robin Tunnicliffe FCPA CPM

Jenny Davis OAM

Stuart Halusz

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Make A Donation

Make A Donation

Whether large or small, your donation will help THEATRE 180 in a variety of ways - by providing much-needed resources to support our administration or cover insurances and professional fees, or to help fund a particular area of our work such as set/props construction, wardrobe, Emerging WA Artist mentoring or script development.

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Become A Corporate Sponsor

Become A Corporate Sponsor

THEATRE 180 works with a number of organisations and individuals in a variety of ways to achieve different outcomes. Some of the ways you can partner with us include: Centre Stage Corporate 3-year package G Row Sponsor Green Room Sponsor Grand Circle Sponsor Founding Friends

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Leave A Legacy

Leave A Legacy

A bequest to THEATRE 180 will help to ensure that many more audiences will continue to benefit from the stories we tell, for many years to come.

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As we are coming up to our final 3 days of performances of 'The Children' and 'I and You', we are also looking forward to our very special Mornings on the Terrace show 'The I's Have It' on Thursday 3rd June @11am, also at Burt Memorial Hall, 38 St Georges Terrace, Perth.

Starring Alinta Carroll, Brendan Hanson and Craig Skelton

Do you love Melody? Ragtime? Comedy? Musical Theatre from the Golden Days (Dancing Cheek to Cheek, Anything You can Do I Can Do Better, Top Hat White Tie and Tails, My Dearest Dear, Waltz of My Heart, The Girl That I Marry and more)?
Then you love the work of Ivor Novello and Irving Berlin.
THE I’s HAVE IT celebrates the music and the antics of these two superstars of their day on the opposite sides of the Atlantic.

Guaranteed to warm the cockles of your heart on a winter’s morning.
BOOKINGS: https://theatre180.com.au/show/the-is-have-it/
Playing until May 29 - don’t miss these two beautiful plays Perth!!
Bookings: www.theatre180.com.au 
#theatre #arts #greatstories
Curtain down on performance number 88 of AB Facey’s A FORTUNATE LIFE. Cheers and ovations from, and to our wonderful audiences all around WA. Thanks for supporting Western Australian theatre. @theatre180wa @afortunatelifeoz @grand_cinemaswa
Just one week to go and we will be back on stage performing A Fortunate Life! Up to our 88th performance and we can’t wait to perform this season at the beautiful Grand Cygnet Cinema Como 😊 May 15, 16, 19 and 23
BOOK NOW: www.afortunatelife.com.au