Outer Metro and Regional Touring

Outer Metro and Regional Touring

THEATRE 180 is committed to reaching audiences wherever we can find them, whether it be a city hall or theatre, suburban outer-metro cinema or on a regional tour. With a focus on connecting communities, we seek to create work that inspire resilience and reflect the stories of Western Australians.

“Thoroughly enjoyed the premiere of SYDNEY II: Lost and Found. This is a must-see production telling a very important Australian story set in WA. This work helps fill the 645 empty spaces in Australian families”. Libby Stone

“Years of my life working as a private individual on a cause I became absorbed in because I believed the families of those lost needed to know where their loved ones were, shown very professionally on stage. To see the Ships history and loss and discovery depicted so wonderfully well was an honour.” Ted Graham

“(SYDNEY II: Lost and Found) narrative was beautifully successful in weaving together historical nostalgia with a contemporary scientific adventure. The skilfulness of the performance connected me to the solemn sadness underpinning a very personal story”. JT Flood, CSC Commander, RAN

“(SYDNEY II: Lost and Found) is a most important contribution to WA history. This will help to ensure the story of the tragedy, and of the finding, are not forgotten”. Roger & Ellen Underwood

“I so much loved the whole concept of Western Australian stories using Western Australian artists. What a wonderful way to learn the history of WA and in this case the closeness the war came to our doorstep in 1941”. Ellen Anderson-Knight

“You became the voice for those who lost their lives on the Sydney and all the families that lost loved ones with its sinking”. Graham & Robyn Murray

 “Wow it was the best production I have seen for a long while. I wish history was presented like this when I was at school cause then I might have learned more”. Leonie Don

“(SYDNEY II: Lost and Found) was amazing history brought to life and a tribute to all the lives lost.  Your production was so powerful and yet so beautiful. When the production was over, the audience just sat there watching the credits, ‘gob-smacked from what we had just seen. We can’t say enough to you, just how much we enjoyed this production. We would go again if we could. Thank you all for the 2 hours of history you portrayed so beautifully”. Barbara & Richard Pursell

“(A Fortunate Life) It was so true to the book I had read some time ago and as it was the first time I’d seen a production of this type I was blown away with the use of the screen and the acting on stage.” Joan Morrison

 “(A Fortunate Life) I can’t believe there were only 3 actors on stage! The transitions between characters were flawless and kept us all emotionally invested. What a great way to tell such an amazing story”. Tusha Fuller

“(A Fortunate Life) This was my best theatrical experience” David Harding

“A Fortunate Life is the first book I read when I was 12 and the only book I’ve ever remembered and could retell! Thank you so much for the opportunity of watching a theatrical performance (also a first). It was amazing! You really brough the story to life.” Jo Horrigan

 “(A Fortunate Life) It was a fine exhibition of Australian storytelling by theatre…it was thoroughly enjoyable and if I were a reviewer it would be a 5 stars from me.” Tiffany O’Byrne

“(A Fortunate Life) Your performance and the book had a big impact on one of my grandsons. He went as Albert Facey to his school’s book week parade today.” Lyn Quilty

 “(A Fortunate Life) I’ve seen it twice! Great live theatre and amazing WA story, nationally recognised across generations.” Kate Akerman

“(A Fortunate Life) So good. Actually it’s better than good. A heartbreaking yet uplifting West Australian story, incredible actors all played out in a movie theatre!” Sharon Welburn

“(A Fortunate Life) I thought the chosen subject was most apt as many of us/we, as West Australians do not understand/know very much about our own history…I sincerely hope the Premier has/will view your production & of course the Minister for the Arts.” Creena Holly 

(A Fortunate Life) A must see for young and old. Nicolas Pozniakov

“I was concerned that my husband who is not a reader, not a theatre goer, and not much into creative arts, would not enjoy the performance. He loved it. We both loved it! It was funny, sad, confronting and emotional … the actors held the audience mesmerised from start to finish, to deliver a unique and truly brilliant portrayal of Albert Facey’s fortunate life. Congratulations on putting together a performance that was powerful in its simplicity”. Veronica Dayman

“Never have I been more enthralled or enjoyed a stage performance. The cast were superb, so professional and a credit to their craft. The entire production was outstanding. Thank you. A world class production in every way. One incredible moment for me was the historic street view of Wickepin on the screen. The signage said W R Butler. My Father worked as a motor mechanic for W (Bill) Butler in Kulin 77km NE of Wickepin. We went there when I was 3 months old. I’m 74 next week”. Anne Konkel

“This form of social history should be presented to all high-school children to enlighten them just how their pioneering forebears lived and worked to make this country as it is for their benefit today. Hopefully this current production will be able to extend further afield and maybe become the forerunner to other areas of early social history which is an eye opener to the younger generations”. Marianne Chester 

“My husband and I took his elderly parents and our daughter. We were all amazed at the quality of the production, the actors and the setting. The elderly in our group appreciated seeing images of Perth and a portrayal of life they remember when they were very young”. Robyn Fairclough

“Once again you entranced me with such an imaginative way of bringing alive an historical narrative. I look forward to hearing of future productions as I haven’t missed one yet”. Vern Lloyd

“They brought this story to life with such warmth, humour and honesty at the same time stirring many memories of growing up in Western Australia. We shed a tear or two at the end. This was a wonderful production and accolades to all involved”. Cheryl and friends

“A huge congratulations to you all for A Fortunate Life. You have done a spectacular job of moving it from page to stage. I pretty much sobbed throughout the entire show. Just loved the heart and passion you all bought to every moment. My sister and my dad want to discuss every single aspect. They can’t stop talking about it”. Ellen Miguel

“Enjoyed” is a complete understatement. It was wonderful, mesmerising, brilliant, and we absolutely loved it! This is real theatre, bringing a story like that so vividly to life”. Nick & Kate

“We went out to ACE Cinema Midland to see the show last night. We all thought it was brilliant – the concept, film, archives and presentation were all absolutely marvellous. Thank you so very much – perhaps this is the way of theatre in the future? Congratulations to all of you involved and for conceiving and bringing to bear such a formidable book to life. Well done and may it go on to many wondrous audiences”. Elizabeth Caiacob

“It’s been a long time since we have been so enthusiastic about any production. Full marks to you all for this excellent production. We were rapt and enthralled with the storytelling and the wonderful backdrop presentation to enhance it all. We look forward to future productions”. Merrilyn and Keith Mellis

“My son shouted my husband & I tickets for my 92nd birthday treat. We were delighted and I was particularly taken by how cleverly the dialogue had been adapted in order for the action to support the story. Loved it!” R & L Shannon

“We really enjoyed your presentation of ‘A Fortunate Life’. There was one group of secondary students in the audience. I hope other secondary groups have also attended. This is a fabulous way of learning about history, values and theatre production (and more besides). We hope you continue with more great stories.” Ann & Rod Lance

“A story of an era in the history of Western Australia and the many “ordinary” families who faced adversity and hardships and battled to survive and their efforts and resilience helped make our country what it is today – something that is forgotten in today’s society, in my opinion. It is great that your company is continuing your commitment to tell these stories and bring awareness of our history to the population”. Bev Kenworthy

“This brilliant production is a fitting tribute to a West Australian hero”. Frances Docherty 




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