Melanie Binet

Melanie Binet

Board Member
Melanie Binet

Melanie Binet

Board Member

Melanie Binet is a Deputy President of the Fair Work Commission in Western Australia. Immediately before her appointment Melanie was a Director of Legal Services at Gregor & Binet – a boutique multidisciplinary practice specialising in employment law, employee relations, human resources, industrial strategy, workplace inquiries and mediation. Prior to forming Gregor & Binet, Melanie spent more than 15 years practicing in employee relations at top tier national law firms.

Melanie holds a Bachelor of Economics with a double major in industrial relations and management and a Bachelor of Laws – both from the University of Western Australia. As a final year law student she drafted the 30,000 word text of the original WA industrial law section of Halsbury’s Laws of Australia.

During her career, Melanie has been responsible for the development, implementation and defence of industrial relations strategies on a state and national basis. She has a particular interest in human resource matters and has had extensive involvement in the development, implementation and enforcement of workplace policies and procedures, including the management of performance, misconduct, discrimination and bullying.

Her philosophy with respect to the resolution of workplace issues is that resolutions agreed to by the parties are likely to have greater long term effectiveness than those imposed by arbitration.  She therefore endeavours to assist parties to reach agreed mediated outcomes wherever possible.  Consistent with this approach, she is a proponent of interest based bargaining and is a member of the Commission’s New Approaches Committee which provides training and facilitation services to parties interested in adopting this alternative and highly effective model of industrial relations.

Throughout her career Melanie has played an active role in industry representational bodies. She has held executive roles on committees of the Australian Human Resource Institute, the Law Society of WA, the Industrial Relations Society of WA and the Australian Labour and Employment Relations Association.  From 2014 to 2018 she was the Asia Pacific Representative on the World Governing Committee of the International Labour and Employee Relations Association.  Consistent with these activities, Melanie is also a member of the International Committee of the Fair Work Commission. She is also a member of the Fair Work Commission Major Resources/Infrastructure Projects Panel and the Organisations Panel.

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Blue/Orange cast member Tinashe Mangwana is currently in London researching the world of the play - wish we could be there with him 😊 

You only have two weeks to catch one of the best plays written this century. Seriously. You won’t want to miss it!

Blue/Orange by Joe Penhall
WA Premiere
August 20 - September 3
Lower Burt Memorial Hall
38 St Georges Terrace, Perth

“Christopher has been confined to a psychiatric ward for a month. He wants out. The problem is he still thinks oranges are blue. His doctor, convinced he needs help, wants to section him. The senior consultant thinks it's all a question of culture: at home in Shepherd's Bush, Christopher will be amongst 'people who think just like him'. And besides, it costs taxpayer money to keep Christopher in care.

Race, ethics, sanity and prejudice collide in Joe Penhall's exquisitely sharp 'state-of-the-nation' classic. Blue/Orange was first performed at the Cottesloe Theatre, National Theatre, in April 2000.”

#mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #theatre #perthisok #westernaustralia #dlgsc
So excited to start rehearsals in July on this fabulous play! Here is a sneak peek into the first cast read to whet your appetite...
BLUE/ORANGE by Joe Penhall 
Race, madness and medical ethics collide in Joe Penhall's Olivier award-winning, exquisitely sharp modern classic.
Evening Standard Theatre Award – Best Play 2000
Critics’ Circle Theatre Award – Best New Play 2000
Laurence Olivier Award – Best New Play 2001
Directed by Stuart Halusz
Featuring Jarryd Dobson, Andrew Lewis and Tinashe Mangwana
Set/Costume Design by Neil Sheriff
Sound Design by Noah Ivulich
Lighting Design by Garry Ferguson
20 Aug – 3 Sept
Burt Memorial Hall, 38 St Georges Terrace, Perth
“Joe Penhall has the rare gift of engaging both emotion and intellect and making you care desperately about the outcome” The Guardian
“Blue/Orange explores the connection between ethnicity and perceptions of mental health…it illuminates the way psychiatry can be strategic – and anatomises the politics of medical care.” Evening Standard (London)
“In the great way of comedy, Blue/Orange touches on great themes: self-advancement at the expense of others and perceptions of sanity.” The Independent (London)
Thanks to Rakib Erick for the wonderful video!
More wonderful images from last night’s event!
First read of the magnificent Blue/Orange by Joe Penhall 😊 Such a terrific team and so good to hear the words spring from the page! Don’t miss out on seeing this Olivier award-winning play. Aug 20-Sept 3 at Burt Hall, Perth. 
#theatre #joepenhall
Today the THEATRE 180 family mourned the passing of Sally Tunnicliffe, who was at the beginning of the inception of Agelink Theatre and, with her husband Robin, contributed so much to the company for 25 years. Active as a writer, director and producer, Sally had a huge influence on the company and together with our founder Jenny Davis OAM, helped to establish the values we still operate by today. Her commitment to our performing artists and audiences was enormous, and she will always be remembered as a kind, generous and beautiful soul who left us with a song in our hearts. X
We are so delighted and honoured to welcome Dr Carina Hoang to the board of THEATRE 180. Dr Hoang brings an incredible amount of expertise, advocacy and heart to our team and we look forward to working with her!

Special Representative of Australia for UNHCR • Actor • Speaker • Historian • Academic • Business Owner •  Award-winning Author/Publisher 

Carina was 16 when she fled Vietnam on a wooden boat with her two younger siblings and 370 other people. She survived the harrowing journey and the extreme challenges living in a primitive refugee camp. After resettled in the United States she continued her education and had a successful corporate career. She went on to hold management positions in the semiconductor, biotechnology, and healthcare industries in the areas of marketing, human resources, and administrative management. 

She completed a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry, a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Gender and Cultural Studies, a Master of Business Administration, and a Doctor of Philosophy. 

Carina is a leading advocate for the rights of refugees and asylum seekers. In 2007, she moved to Australia and has made an immense impact in raising awareness of refugee issues.